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Click for Character sheets and pre-generated characters (for inspiration or you can pick one if you want)

  • And a handy form fillable character sheet with room for spells is here

Basic rules are here: D&D Basic Rules

The Roll20 Compendium with searchable info on races, classes, equipment, etc. is here

Campaign Rules:

  • Have fun!
  • No undermining other characters: Adventurers are brought together by common cause, and during an adventure, they’re expected to work together to overcome challenges. Though certain characters or alignments might find others distasteful, individuals will put that aside and become a team when put in dangerous situations.  In short, play nice with each other when things get deadly.

We'll follow the steps in the Players Handbook (p. 11-15) to create your character, with these added options:

Choose a race - Pick any race in the Players Handbook or one of these:

  • Aarakocra - Sequestered in high mountains atop tall trees, the aarakocra, sometimes called birdfolk, evoke fear and wonder.

  • Deep Gnome – Forest gnomes and rock gnomes are the gnomes most commonly encountered in the lands of the surface world. Deep gnomes, also known as svirfneblin, are guarded and suspicious of outsiders, cunning and taciturn, but can be just as kind-hearted, loyal, and compassionate as their surface cousins.

  • Genasi - Those who think of other planes at all consider them remote, distant realms, but planar influence can be felt throughout the world. It sometimes manifests in beings who, through an accident of birth, carry the power of the planes in their blood. The genasi are one such people, the offspring of genies and mortals.

  • Goliath - At the highest mountain peaks dwell the reclusive goliaths. Goliaths wander a bleak realm of rock, wind, and cold. Their bodies look as if they are carved from mountain stone and give them great physical power.

Choose a class - Pick a class in the Players Handbook or one of these:

Choose a character background

You may get inspiration when you role play your background.  Choose one and feel free to embellish as much as you want:


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