Former Gang Member

Background – Former Gang Member

If you choose this background, feel free to edit it or embellish further.  See Players Handbook pages 125-141 for other options for personality traits, ideals, bonds, flaws and alignments.

The town of Phandalin, 60 miles SE of Neverwinter, is built on the ruins of an older settlement, vacant for five centuries until some hardy settlers set about rebuilding it some years back. Drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the nearby foothills, you came to Phandalin as well, not to earn a living, but to prey on those who struck it rich. You joined a gang calling itself the Redbrands and made some decent coin as a burglar, enforcer, or fence.

But you must have made an enemy among your fellow Redbrands. Someone set you up. On that person’s word, the head of the Redbrands—a wizard called Glasstaff—tried to have you killed. You escaped, barely alive and thanking Tymora, the goddess of good fortune, for your luck. You fled Phandalin, almost penniless and with only the tools of your trade to your name.

Personal Goal: Get Your Revenge.

Someone in the Redbrands nearly got you killed, and you sure would like to know who it was. And then you’d like to take your revenge—on that person, on Glasstaff, maybe on all the Redbrands. And you just got a tip that might help you: someone named Halia Thornton also has it out for the Redbrands. She lives in Phandalin, which means showing your face to the Redbrands who still want you dead.

Alignment: Neutral.

You tend to do whatever seems best at the time. Sure, you’ve done some things you’re not proud of, and you’re not personally committed to making the world a better place. But you have no interest in causing suffering or making things worse than they already are.

Skill Proficiencies: You are proficient in skills related to your background (pick 2)

Tool Proficiencies: You are proficient in a tool from Players Handbook page 154 (pick 1)

Equipment: See your character class for starting equipment

Former Gang Member

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