Devotee of Oghma, All-Seeing God of Knowledge

Background – Devotee of Oghma, All-Seeing God of Knowledge

If you choose this background, feel free to edit it or embellish further.  See Players Handbook pages 125-141 for other options for personality traits, ideals, bonds, flaws and alignments.

You have spent your life dedicated to Oghma, all-seeing god of knowledge, and spent years learning the lore of the multiverse.

Personal Goal: Reconsecrate the Defiled Altar.

Through visions delivered in your trances, your god has called you to a new mission. A goblin tribe has made its lair in an ancient ruin now called Cragmaw Castle, where they have defiled a shrine once sacred to Oghma. Now dedicated to the vile goblin god Maglubiyet, the altar is an offense to Oghma that must not stand.

You’re sure Oghma has greater things in store for you if you can complete this quest. In the meantime, your visions suggest that Sister Garaele—a priest of Tymora, the goddess of luck—can aid you in the town of Phandalin (60 miles SE of Neverwinter).

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

The pursuit and acquisition of knowledge is for the benefit of all. Kingdoms and laws are useful so far as they allow knowledge to flourish. Tyrants who seek to suppress and control it are the worst villains. You share your knowledge freely, and use what you have learned to help where you can.

Skill Proficiencies: You are proficient in skills related to your background (pick 2)

Tool Proficiencies: You are proficient in a tool from Players Handbook page 154 (pick 1)

Equipment: See your character class for starting equipment

Devotee of Oghma, All-Seeing God of Knowledge

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