Dan's Campaign of Adventure


A short while ago, Neverwinter was beset by all manner of damage, danger and gloom.

Now, the orcs that once menaced the city have moved east to join their brethren in being crushed by the dwarves.

The Chasm that rent the land has been sealed by powerful magic.

The High Road has been cleared and rebuilt, and trade has resumed with Waterdeep and realms to the south.

Many in the city mourn the loss of husbands, brothers, and cousins, who joined the Lords Alliance to fight and die in a righteous battle to stop Tiamat and the Dragon Cult at the Well of Dragons.

What was the blasted, wounded city of Neverwinter just a decade ago is now an exciting , humming place, where folk seem eager to throw off the hardships from which they have emerged and create a new, brighter future for their city.


Dvice Dvice

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